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Welcome to the zip section. We stock a wide range of zips such as closed end, open end, invisible, metal, two way, much more to complete your sewing projects or mend your favourite garments. If we don't have the zip listed that you require, just contact uand we will be happy to help.

If you are new to sewing it is important to know there are actually a few types of zips. Here are some of the basic ones that are often used in basic terms. Closed end zip, Open end zip and  Invisible Zip.

Closed End Zip

closed end zip opens and closes but does not detach completely i.e. it will only open until it reaches the the end of the zip. This type of zip is mainly used for dresses, skirts, trousers, cushions, bags etc.

Open End Zip

  An open end zip can detach once it reaches the end e.g coat zips, cardigan, hoodies etc.

Invisible Zip

They are referred to as invisible zips because the raw edge of the zip is sewn into the seam of the garment i.e. making it "invisible".Invisible zips are mainly used on dresses and skirts, home decor, sometimes trousers to give them that polished finish.

Two Way Zip

A two way zip has a puller at the top & bottom. The pullers do not detach. This allows either the top or bottom to be open without the item being completely open. Mainly used for horse riding attire and home furnishings. 

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