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Sewing Machine, Overlocker, Upholstery, Waxed & Embroidery

Gutermann & Amann are the main brands we stock as they are well established and a trusted brand in the sewing industry. The thread we have listed is mainly 100% polyester machine thread, suitable for almost every sewing project and hand sewing.  Overlocker / serger thread is also available. Need something a little stronger for upholstering? We have that covered too!

Although your preferred colour may not be listed we have endless colours available to us. All you need to do is contact us. Let us know what colour you require, number of spools, and type eg. sewing machine, overlocker / serger, upholstery etc and we will contact you to complete the order. Yes its that easy!

We are delighted to add waxed thread and embroidery thread to our range.

Check out our range of fabric & sewing supplies to go with your fancy new thread.

Sewing Machine Needle With Thread
Overlocker Serger Sewing Machine
Upholstered Sofa & Curtains
White Elastic Thread
Waxed Thread
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