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About Sew Stitchy

Sew Stitchy began as a simple idea to make high quality fabrics available at affordable prices in Ireland, while providing a friendly and efficient service to all sewing and design students, enthusiasts and professionals. In addition to the extensive selection of fabrics & 5-star service we offer, I believe that sewing is a fun and fulfilling activity that anyone can enjoy. As well as allowing adults to explore their creative sides and discover a satisfying hobby, it is a worthwhile, entertaining and educational activity for children that, once learned, they can use for the rest of their lives. And it's easy to learn too! Everybody can make fun easy designs in the comfort of their own homes.  

Just as in life, all sewing projects come with their own unique set of challenges. Those challenges provide the best path to learning and improving your craft. Even if you have the odd little blip, perseverance and a bit of self-belief can turn your ideas into a creation you can be proud of! Whether you are an accomplished seamstress or someone who has never picked up a sewing needle, Sew Stitchy is here to support you. I want to help you turn your creative concepts and designs into a reality.

Ever since I was a child cutting up pillow cases to make dresses for my Barbie dolls, I have had a passion for sewing. I love the feeling of satisfaction I get from making something special out of simple materials or up-cycling a garment and breathing new life into it. That passion continued through my school years into adulthood, from hand stitching garments to getting my first sewing machine and beyond, all the while I was discovering new and fun ways to create and sew and new fabrics and accessories to incorporate into my projects.

While on my sewing journey I developed a love for fabric but found that the selection I craved was hard to find in Ireland and at times prohibitively expensive and so in 2015 Sew Stitchy was born! I hope you find some inspiration and your desired fabric from our site. Share your creations with us even if they haven't gone according to plan they are just as interesting and entertaining.


Enjoy & happy sewing!



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