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Top 5 Queries on Face-Masks - By Sew Stitchy

Updated: Jun 4, 2020

Isn't it crazy that if someone had of told you a few weeks ago that the world would practically be in lock down. Cotton and elastic would probably be more in demand than oil and that many people would come together and blow off dust form sewing machines and literally sew their way through a lock-down by making masks, scrubs or maybe just to get reacquainted with an old hobby. Would you have believed them?

Anyway thankfully we seem to be coming through the other end and it has brought many of us together through various ways such as sewing circles etc whilst being apart.

Here at Sew Stitchy we have gone through a lot of elastic and cotton fabric but don't worry we still have plenty in stock. We have taken a lot of calls regarding people new to sewing which is great so I have put together my top 5 queries regarding face-masks such as what fabric? Advice on metal strips, washing advice etc. and hopefully everyone can take something from this advice.

If you have any advice to offer or have any other queries, please contact us.

1. What Fabric Should I use:

It is recommended that you use 100% cotton fabric. Why? because it is better at containing small particles.

If you are using three pieces of fabric i.e. front, back & filter in middle many of our clients are using a poly-cotton for the filter as this is just an added layer of protection and is more cost-effective.

2. What Type of Metal Strip Can I Use on The Bridge Of The Nose & Is It Necessary?

We have 8mm polyester boning in stock that can be placed in the mask which would allow you to press and affix over the nose. It is not necessary rather a personal choice. What is boning you may ask? This is the strips put into corsets, swimwear etc to give them a better shape.

3. What Measurements Should I Be Using & How Much Fabric Do I Need?

On our tutorial section we have a link to the recommended measurements and instructions as per the Gov website but if you are making the mask for yourself make a sample to see how it fits and if you want anything adjusted. Regarding fabric if you are buying from the bolt (not off-cuts etc) for an adult mask you should be getting at least 2 masks (without filter) per quarter metre (25cm) i.e. your front and back. Regarding each adult mask you will need approx 14" of elastic (7" each side).

4. What is The Best Way to Utilise My Fabric?

We recommend that you keep all your printed cotton i.e. your fancy prints for the front and all plain fabric for the back & middle (if applicable). Browse our "SALE" / Off Cuts section. Here you can often pick up good size prints for the front of your mask or even some to use as a filter. Many people are leaving a gap at the back of the mask so people can insert their own filter. This is also a cost effective way of making them as you don't need to budget for the filter. Also maybe draft a template so you have exact measurement for your mask.

5. What Temperature Should I Wash My Mask At?

Well this is a catch 22 right here. Because cotton is dyed and printed etc it is recommended that you wash at low temperatures even hand wash in order for the print and colour not to fade. However it is recommended that you wash your face mask at approx 60 degrees to kill off any bacteria so it's not that the actual fabric can't sustain the hot wash it's because of the prints. We have been supplying fabrics for face-masks and scrubs for those on the front line and those for personal use who have been washing on high temperatures and to date we have received no complaints of fading etc. In fact many of them are returning customers. It is very important to always wash and dry fabric prior cutting due to shrinkage. We must advise you that you should always follow the care instructions of the fabric.

Stay safe!

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