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My Top 10 Sewing Kit Fillers

If you are new to sewing welcome to the world of creativity. Sewing is such a fun and exciting hobby to get into. Once you start seeing your projects taking shape it will be hard to step away from your machine. Not to mention your home furnishings and newly designed clothes will be the talk of the town!

If you have recently purchased a machine, congratulations because it is usually one of the hardest things to decide on as there are so many to choose from and only you can decide which one is going to work best for you. But when it comes to the must have sewing kit fillers here is a list of my personal top 10 that I couldn’t sew without.

Here in no particular order my top 10 sewing kit fillers;

1. Scissors

You need two in your kit. One for cutting fabric and one for cutting paper. NEVER EVER use your fabric scissors for cutting anything other than fabric. It’s a golden rule! It is worthwhile investing in a good scissors for your fabric. A good scissors can last for years.

2. Arm Pin Cushion

Have your pins at the ready. I love it! You have your pins literally to hand and a great way to keep

your work space tidy. When I am working on my machine I strap it to the machine handle. As I am feeding my projects through the machine I remove the pins and simply place them on the wrist pin cushion so I am all set for pinning again.

3. Seam Ripper!!!!

Dare I mention the thought of ripping stitches??? Well every sewer from novice to professional experiences the dreadful task of ripping through all your hard work. But on a positive note this amazing tool does make the task a lot easier. Before I was introduced to one, I would spend hours cutting and pulling but no more. A seam ripper saves so much time and heart ache.

4. Measuring Tape

One of the basic accessories for your sewing kit is a measuring tape. You cannot expect your creations to measure up if you haven’t measured in the first place.

5. Tailors / Dressmaking Chalk

Allows you to make the necessary markings to the fabric without soiling it. Good quality chalk is quite thick and doesn’t break as soon as you lift it up. Also, you usually get quite a while out of a piece of good quality chalk.

6. Pins

My personal choice of pin is the Prym pearl head pin. They are quite sharp so they go through the

fabric quite easily and the pearl head gives you a better grip on them. They also come inserted in a disc so it is easy to store them. Just be careful not to iron over them as the pearl head could melt.

7. Tweezers

A tweezers I hear you say! Trust me. After you have practiced with your seam ripper, excess thread needs to be removed from the fabric, right? Well this is where the tweezers takes centre stage. Simply glide down your fabric removing all excess thread in no time.

8. Safety Pins

Do not underestimate the power of a good safety pin. They are in my view the only way to feed elastic through a waist band easily. They also have many other uses for projects. Cheap light-weight safety pins are no use as they will bend and open when trying to feed the elastic through so it is an idea to have one or two decent pins to hand just in-case.

9. Thread

A good quality thread is a must for you sewing machine. While cheaper thread is not so bad for hand sewing, cheap thread in a machine tends to break quite easily. Remember your thread experiences a bit of tension and travel before it reaches the fabric. My preferred choice is Wimsew & Guttermann as it has worked well for me thus far.

10. Machine Oil

You never want to experience the smell of a burning machine. Have some machine oil to hand to

maintain your machine regularly and always follow the manufactures instructions.

We would love to hear what your sewing kit fillers are so why not contact us and let us know via email

Happy Sewing


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