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What Are The Coloured Dots on The Cotton Fabric Selvages?

If you are a frequent sewer you most likely will have come across little circles of various colour on the selvage end of fabric. I have come across fabric bolts that don't have them but the majority of them do. So what's the big secret about them? Well they are actually to give you ideas of the different shades of fabric that will match up to the one you have. Sometimes you maybe considering a cotton print which contains many colours and may struggle to decide which one will suit best or if at all. The little guide dots give you options of all colours that will best suit the fabric you have chosen.

As we can see this vibrant cotton print contains many colours. Although at a glance you would assume that the basic colours suitable to match this print are green, yellow, red and blue i.e those being the dominant colours. Now look at the coloured reference dots. It gives us some multiple choices for green and blue. The dots also indicate that orange and purple may also be another good match that you may not have initially thought of.

Here are our favourite matches for this cotton print.

If you yourself have used this fabric why not share your creation and show us what colours you matched it up with. You can email your creations to us and we will be happy to share it with others.

Please note this is only our opinion and you should choose what you feel is right for your project.

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Happy sewing!


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