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1916 Commemoration

Updated: Jun 4, 2020

As 2016 is nearing an end I thought it was important to mark the 1916 Rising.

After going through many ideas, I was delighted when I was approached to make a dress for someone participating in a 1916 commemoration weekend. Although I can sew this was my first time making an actual dress for someone which needed to be of high standard and a short deadline so no pressure there!

We decided on a Simplicity pattern (3723) dress A. Cotton was the choice of

fabric to suit the style of the dress. Lining was not applied as it was a costume dress.

Things were going fine I had the bodice made and my sleeves cut. Things were going too good. And like every sewing project my bump in the road was met when I had to attach the sleeves. I kid you not I was standing there with a cut out sleeve in my hand looking at the bodice wondering just how oh how do I actually attach these. Total brain blank! Once I had a chat to myself about over thinking the dilemma, problem solved I was back on track. Like a true professional I stitched those sleeves up and attached them to the bodice like I have been attaching sleeves all my life ha ha.

The pattern size didn’t really work in my favour either regarding the bodice but hey what does when you are under pressure? I cut the pattern out exactly to scale but the mid back section was too small by approx 8”. This didn’t prove too much of a problem as I fitted the bodice onto the client before sewing anything else and was easily able to fit two 4” panels either side at the back and take them in where necessary.

The skirt was fine to attach just if you are going to try this pattern ensure that you gather the fabric correctly before stitching as you don’t want to be left with excess fabric dangling at the back with no-where to go.

Overall this was a good Simplicity pattern to work with. You could use the pattern to make a similar bodice for a dress. Why not use satin for the bodice and lace for the sleeves, mix it up.

Keep an eye out for our tutorials page coming soon which will include a step by step guide on this project. You can also find similar fabric and trimmings in our fabric shop. If you can’t find what you are looking for contact us and we will be happy to help.


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